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News - Announcements
15 June 2015
Events in August 2015

The embellished association of Andritsaina participates for 2 years in a row in the 2nd Andritsaina festival - Gifts of Lyceus, organized by the Cultural Association of Andritsena this August.

Once again , 15 and August 16 , will set up our table with sweet- savory dishes and drinks that will prepare members of the Association .

On August 13, 2015 , at 9 pm, we will hold our year's summer dinner in the restaurant recipes "Giorgis and Lopis", with music and song.

11 April 2015
Activities of the embellished association of Andritsaina

On Saturday morning, 04.11.2015,the Board of the Association,treated Andritsanous and visitors of the city with coffee and tea with handmade , Lenten sweet and savory treats.The response was great and the small event , held in the hall of the Gallery Marcellus building Michelis our Folklore Museum , was a good opportunity for meeting many Andritsanous and friends of Andritsena and exchange Easter greetings .

25 September 2006
Queen Sofia’s visit to Andritsaina’s Folk Museum

On August the 27th, 2006 Queen Sofia of Spain accompanied by Prince Michael of Greece and his wife Marina Karela, a well-known painter, visited the Folk Museum of Abdritsaina within the context of their private visit to the Temple of Apollo Epikourios.

Queen Sofia, touched, unsophisticated and friendly, greeted in perfect greek Andritsaina’s habitants who had gathered at Trani Vrysi to welcome her, headed to the museum together with her escort.

First, she visited the room with the photo archive, which belongs to the family of the donator, Mrs. Galini Kanelopoulou, and includes pictures taken during the visits of King Pavlos and Queen Frideriki and herself as a Princess then of Greece in Andritsaina, in 1951,1957 and 1958.

The high-class visitors then rambled in and admired every room of the Museum.

Further to this, the Mayor of Andritsaina and the Board of Directors of the Cultural Association of Women of Andritsaina offered sweets and cool drinks in the reception room of the museum.

As everybody got out of the Museum, both Queen Sofia and Prince Michael as well as the other visitors made an enthusiastic comment on the bearing of the museum:

« Homeland without tradition – Boat without compass»

On 18.9.2006 Prince Michael sent a letter of acknowledgement to the Folk Museum and in particular to Mrs. Pinio Skaltsouni, among the members who established the museum.