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Cultural Association of Andritsaina Identity

In 1980, women coming from Andritsaina, connected not only because of their common origin but also because of their love for their birth place as well as because of their passion to maintain the cultural heritage, established the Cultural Association of Women of Andritsaina, having its headquarters in Athens.

The Members of the first Board of Directors were the following:

  • Chairman: Ioulia Vasilopoulou
  • Vice-chairman: Athina Vlachousi
  • Secretary: Pinio Skaltsouni
  • Treasurer: Anna Ailianou
  • Members: Galini Asimakopoulou, Vaso Lytsika, Fofo Zareifopoulou

The Association aims at:

  • Contributing to the cooperation of its members with Andritsaina’s habitants in order to improve the social, intellectual and cultural level of the latter by creating embellishing, public benefit and cultural projects, i.e.: roads, parks, youth centers, playground, nurseries.
  • Enhancing the interest of Andritsaina’s habitants on the value (historical and architectural) of their cultural heritage, through establishing a Folk Museum and preserving monuments.

The Board of Directors elected by the General Assembly on April the 5th 2006 was composed by:

  • Chairman: Aggelopoulou Eleni
  • Vice-chairman: Foteini Lazaridi
  • Secretary: Papaevangelou Vicky
  • Treasurer: Koutsandrea Eleni
  • Members: Skaltsouni Pinio, Tamouratzi Eleni, Aygerinou Georgia